Congratulations on taking the first step towards personal growth! Listed below are the steps of the application process. Be sure to be candid in your application form! We look forward to a life-long yoga engagement with you!


STEP 1: Application Form

Start by filling out the application form on this page. Once the application is submitted, you may receive a call from us to know more about your goals and interests

STEP 2: Confirmation

Once we receive a fully-filled application form we will process it and send you a conformation via email inviting you to join the course.

STEP 3: Payment and Registration

Upon receiving the invitation e-mail, you would make the payment to complete the registration process.

STEP 4: Onboarding

After successful registration, we will guide you through a simple on-boarding process to keep it hassle-free.

NOTE: There are limited spots for the course, so if you’re new to the practice, we would recommend that you fill out the application form, and attend an interview with our Master Teachers (telephonic or in-person) to assess whether this course is a good-fit for your practice.


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